Cem Mirap, born on 1974, is the founder, owner and the manager of Lucca and Cantinery After completing the high school education in T.E.D. Ankara College, Mirap is graduated from Bilkent University Department of Business Management and received his master education at New York CUNY Baruch College on the advertisement. During his stay in New York, Cem Mirap started to get interested in food – beverage sector, made a world tour in 2003 and after returning to Turkey, he founded Lucca at the end of 2004 and his second restaurant Cantinery in 2014. Mirap is married and has 2 children, and is a Board Member of TURYİD.



Lucca, located at Bebek, Istanbul, is an upscale, modern cafe / bistro / bar that is open from 10 am to 2 am everyday. By day it’s the perfect spot to mingle with Bebek’s hip cafe society; by night things ratch up a notch…for a bar scene that lasts well into the night. Good Food – bistrot favorites; ...fine service and slick bar tenders guarantee a good; if sometimes wild; night” Conde Nast Traveller US defined Lucca as ‘the super-hip İstanbul restaurant’ in 2009.


Cantinery, which is located on the boulevard of the Zorlu Center, reflects 10 years of eating and drinking experience of Cem Mirap and Lucca team … CANTINERY which renders a unique taste discovery on every plate using daily, fresh and local products , breakfast, lunch and dinner, all-day dining, high-quality food, exclusive wine list, beer selection and cocktails to make your taste buds feast… CANTINERY, bringing a brand new breath to the city’s high gastronomic scene, is a stylish dining hall, which introduces gourmet delights to Istanbul.



Cem Mirap

Founder of Lucca & Cantinery